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Off work tomorrow and going to do a lot of work on my fanfiction. Keep your eyes open for it. :)
The Big Four
Professor Melinda Okido, Eve Yamamoto, Naomi Masters and Miriam Masters.

Approximate Time: 

Naomi Masters: 20 Hours (9 months ago)
Miriam Masters: 14 Hours (Within the Week)
Eve Yamamoto (Redo): 12 Hours (Within the Past 4 Days)
Professor Melinda Okido: 10 Hours (Today)
Melinda Okido
Original Character from my Pokemon fanfiction: Ultimate Kanto Journey. She is in the Generation between Samuel Okido and Player Blue (Gary). She's either the aunt or mother of Gary. Because the identity of Gary's mother is unknown, I took the liberty of making a mother figure for him just for my fanfiction. Started working on it around 1pm today and finished around 10:30pm tonight. 
Eve Yamamoto
Original character Eve from my Pokemon fanfiction Pokemon: Ultimate Journeys. 
Miriam Masters
The sister of my original character Naomi from my Pokemon fanfiction.

Naomi A Masters (Generation One)

General Information

    1)      Name: Naomi Masters

    2)      Pronunciation: nay-OH-mee MAS-ters

    3)      Name Meaning: Pleasantness (noble) to overcome

    4)      Name Origin: Hebrew/English

    5)      Gender: Female

    6)      Titles: Miss Naomi or Naomi-san

    7)      Birth Name: Naomi Alysa Masters

    8)      Birth Date: June 23, 1993

    9)      Birth Length: 19 inches

    10)   Birth Weight: 8.6 pounds

    11)   Birth Place: Nuvema Town, Unova

    12)   Manner of Birth: Natural vaginal birth

    13)   First Words: Mama (Mother), Dada (Father) and Iam (Miriam/Sister)

    14)   Dominant Hand: Right

    15)   Astrological Sign: Cancer

    16)   Catchphrase: “I’ll just have to try my best”

     19)   ID Number/SSN: 886407



     2)      Height: 4 feet and 10 inches

    3)      Weight: 78 pounds

    4)      Race: Caucasian

    5)      Blood Type: A positive

    6)      Skin Color: White

    7)      Somatotype: Ectomorph

    8)      Locomotion: Walking/Bicycling

    9)      Hair Color: Blonde

    10)   Hair Length: Short-medium

    11)   Hair Type: Straight

    12)   Hair Style: Pig-tails

    13)   Ear Shape: Square with free lobes

    14)   Ear Type: Narrow and broad

    15)   Eye Color: Deep blue

    16)   Eye Type: Round

    17)   Eyebrows: Thick and arched

    18)   Nose Shape: High nose bridge with pointed nose tip

    19)   Face Shape: Heart

    20)   Complexion: Light

    21)   Hat Size: 22 inches (S – M)/ Hat Height: 7.5 inches

    22)   Shirt Size: Large (14-16)/ 19” W x 25” L

    23)   Waist Size: 24.75 inches

    24)   Shoe Size: 5


Health and Image

    25)   Diet: Mostly fruits, vegetables and nuts with the occasional meat and sweets.

    26)   Exercise: Daily morning walks/jogs/runs and nightly walks. Walks/runs/cycles to get from place to place.

    27)   Fitness: Does regular chores and plays outdoor games with neighbor kids while at home. Likes to play volleyball and tennis.

    28)   Maximum Load: 15-20 pounds

    29)   Running Speed: 7-9 minutes per mile

    30)   Posture: Good/Fair

    31)   Reflexes: Fair/Poor

    32)   Vulnerabilities: Clumsiness

    33)   Handicaps: Paraplegia due to injury in the lower columns of her spinal cord.

    34)   Aids: EESD (epidural electrical stimulator device)

    35)   Medication: Steroids

    36)   Augmentations: HET (human enhancement technology)

    37)   Broken Bones: L3-L5

    38)   Reason for Health: Injury sustained by protecting Eevee from a Hyper Beam attack in a battle against the terrorist organization’s (Rocket Force) leader.

    39)   Wardrobe: Green tank top, tan jacket/coat, blue shorts/pants, white crew socks and red/white/black shoes.

    40)   Accessories: Hair elastics with pokéball beads, yellow and red oversized backpack and belt with pokéball attachments.

    41)   Equipment: Pokédex (cell phone equipped), pokéballs, medical sprays and pokémon grooming tools.

    42)   Hygiene: Brushes hair in morning and night, brushes teeth after each meal, washes face in morning and night, uses deodorant every morning, washes hands in morning, night, before and after each meal and bathroom break, bathes every night (in a natural body of water if necessary) and flosses every time she brushes her teeth.

    43)   Scars: Surgical scarring on lower back.



    1)      IQ: 120

    2)      Languages: Japanese, Russian, English, French, Hawaiian, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Chinese, Norwegian, Dutch, Hindi/Urdu and Tagalog.

    3)      Learning Style: Kinesthetic.

    4)      Bodily-Kinesthetic: Learn by doing things, likes to figure out how things work, likes to be outdoors and working with her hands and can’t sit still for too long.

    5)      Interpersonal: Mostly interacts with family and friends. Reluctant to interact with a stranger first.

    6)      Intrapersonal: Often mentally role plays conversations/events in her head, although sometimes her mouth moves faster than her brain.

    7)      Logical-Mathematical: Good at investigating and identifying relationships between different things, mostly when it comes to pokémon.

    8)      Musical: Has little to no musical knowledge, although it is rare, she does sing beautifully.

    9)      Naturalistic: Although she has a broad understanding of the natural environment around her, she is more concerned with recognizing and classifying pokémon.

    10)   Existential: Can understand another person’s point of view, but is more concerned about how pokémon feel. And although she seems exceptionally spontaneous in her goals, she recognizes that her big picture is to learn as much as she can about pokémon so she can become an expert breeder.

    11)   Perception: Very in tune with her senses and tends to follow her gut instincts and morals rather than what she is told is acceptable.

    12)   Tactician: Very good at achieving her desired end through planned strategy in battle.

    13)   Intuition: Quick to understand things and is very likely to follow instinctive feelings rather than a conscious reasoning.


    14)   Philosophy: Believes strongly in common sense and following a moral compass.

    15)   Devotion: Completely devoted to understanding how pokémon live their lives and how to make a pokémon’s quality of life better.

    16)   Superstitions: Has a “lucky” pair of socks that she washes religiously so that she can wear them as often as possible.

    17)   Etiquette: Has great etiquette in situations that require it, but often ignores etiquette when on the go.

    18)   Outlook on Life: Being extremely resilient, her positive outlook on life rarely falters and is often very happy especially when helping others.

    19)   Vices: Chews nails when nervous or anxious and eats when upset.



    1)      Primary Objective: To become a master pokémon breeder.

    2)      Secondary Objectives: To become a pokémon master.

    3)      Priorities: Catching pokémon and understanding the pokémon she catches.

    4)      Motivation: To be as good as, if not better than, her sister who is the current Pokémon League Champion.

    5)      Self Confidence: Is very sure of herself and rarely second guesses her decisions.

    6)      Self-Control: Good self-control as long as pokémon or food is not involved.

    7)      Self Esteem: Has good self-esteem, but is easily beaten down by those who have been on their journey longer than she has.

    8)      Quirks: When eating ice cream with cake, she mixes it all together.

    9)      Hobbies: Drawing and researching the pokémon she catches.

    10)   Closet Hobbies: Singing.

    11)   Guilty Pleasures: Sweets.

    12)   Desires: To capture every pokémon she can.

    13)   Wishes: To make a new, delicious and healthy snack, food and beverage for pokémon.

    14)   Lures: Pokémon and sweets.

    15)   Manias: Pokémon battles.

    16)   Traumas: Fighting and Ghost type pokémon.

    17)   Worries: That her Eevee has poor self-esteem because of its different appearance from other Eevees.

    18)   Nervous Tics: Biting nails and twirling hair.

    19)   Instigators: Bullies (both pokémon and people).

    20)   Soothers: Cuddling with Eevee.

    21)   Savvies: Pokémon gender differences.

    22)   Soft Spots: Pokémon (mainly Eevee).

    23)   Accomplishments: Finished beginner level Pokémon School at the top of her class and will be enrolled into Advanced Intermediate Pokémon School in Johto once she returns from her journey around Kanto.

    24)   Favorite Dream: Being awarded Master Pokémon Breeder and having her pokémon’s eggs being the most sought after pokémon in the whole world.

    25)   Worst Nightmare: Losing her Eevee in a crowded place.

    26)   Earliest Memory: Touching a pokémon for the first time (Meowth).

    27)   Fondest Memory: Meeting her partner (Eevee) for the first time.

    28)   Worst Memory: Getting the news of her parents’ deaths from her sister.

    29)   Funniest Moment: Her sister getting a Tentacool stuck on her head during the last family vacation to the beach.

    30)   Happiest Moment: Getting her second badge after losing during her first try.

    31)   Saddest Moment: Going to her parents’ funeral.

    32)   Most Prized Possession: The last family photo taken during a fishing trip at the beach featuring Naomi reeling in the biggest Magikarp of the year.

    33)   Most Valuable Possession: Her shares in the family company co-owned by the Silph family.

    34)   Collections: Pokédolls.

    35)   Embarrassments: Her clumsiness leading to her falling down and getting bruises/cuts.

    36)   Mannerisms: Folding laundry the way she learned from her mother (not the way her sister does), cooking the way her father did (tasting every ingredient and never letting anyone have a bite until it is 100% complete) and taking down notes the way Professor Oak does (cross legged with her writing utensil in between her teeth while she observes pokémon).

    37)   Humor: Big on the puns.

    38)   Secrets: Had a huge crush on Liam when she was 6 (crush ended around the age of 10 when he went on his journey around Kanto).

    39)   Darkest Secret: When her parents left for their hiking trip in Sinnoh, she had a bad feeling in her stomach about it. To this day, she regrets not having said anything and believes that if she had said something her parents might still be around.

    40)   Pet Peeves: Seeing people abusing pokémon.

    41)   Phobias: phasmophobia (fear of ghost pokémon).

    42)   Greatest Fear: Losing one of her pokémon.

    43)   Confidence: She is a confident pokémon trainer and battler.

    44)   Creativity: Draws the pokémon that she studies.

    45)   Generosity: Helps pokémon and people when they are in need.

    46)   Honesty: Always speaks the truth unless it is more helpful to lie (i.e. if a pokémon or person is being threatened, she will lie to get them into safety).

    47)   Loyalty: Loyal to her friends and family. Very loyal to her pokémon and always does whatever helps them live happy lives.

    48)   Insecurities: Insecure about making on the spot decisions regarding her pokémon (i.e. when she has a chance to evolve her Eevee, she hesitates because she feels bad about making decisions that affect others).

    49)   Patience: Very patient when it comes to pokémon and training, not patient when it comes to people though.

    50)   Predictability: Very unpredictable, except when it comes to pokémon.

    51)   Reliability: Very reliable and always follows through when she says she’ll do something.

    52)   Respect: Very respectful towards those who are older than her and to pokémon. Somewhat respectful towards people her age or younger.



    1)      Compliments: “You have very strong and healthy pokémon, you must love them very much.”

    2)      Insults: “You don’t know anything about pokémon, and you should be ashamed of yourself for the way you treat them!”

    3)      Farewells: “Bye! Travel safely!”

    4)      Greetings: “Hello, pleased to meet you.”

    5)      Mood: Generally happy but is easily angered by people who she thinks is mistreating their pokémon.



    1)      Likes: Traveling with her friends, studying pokémon and eating good food with friends and family.

    2)      Dislikes: Abusive trainers, people who hurt others and asparagus/brussel sprouts.

    3)      Favorites: Pokémon, rawst berries and drawing/studying pokémon.



    1)      Ability: Discipline.

    2)      Element: Self-defense.

    3)      Martial Arts: Jujutsu, swordsmanship, judo, kendo, karate, bushido, sambo, systema, kickboxing, fencing, lua and tai chi.

    4)      Origin: Kanto, Sevii Islands, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Battle Zone, Unova, Kalos, Alola, Orre, Fiore, Almia, Oblivia and Ferrum.

    5)      Source: Taught by masters during stays at family homes in other regions.


Home, Work and Education

    1)      Abode: Large, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home with an open floor plan.

    2)      Hometown: Pallet Town.

    3)      Citizenship: Kanto/Unova.

    4)      Routine: Wake up in the morning, brush hair and wash hands and face, eats breakfast, brushes teeth, washes hands, dresses for the day, goes to school, washes hands, eats lunch, brushes teeth and washes hands, goes to her advanced classes, goes home, washes hands, eats a snack, studies with Eve, eats dinner, brushes teeth and washes hands, does chores, takes a shower, spends time with her sister, reads and studies on her own and goes to bed.

    5)      Sleep Patterns: Sleeps about 6-8 hours a night, takes naps when she’s had a rough or long day.

    6)      Eating Habits: Typically eats fruits and grains for breakfast (occasionally has meat), eats a snack (usually nuts or fruits), eats raw vegetables, fruits and fish for lunch, eats a snack (usually raw vegetables with ranch dressing), eats dinner (usually ramen with vegetable and meat or stir fried meat and vegetables with rice) and has desserts or sweets sparingly throughout the day (especially when her sister isn’t looking).

    7)      Pets: Has many pokémon living at the family home in Kanto that help out around the house and takes care of Naomi when her sister goes to face a challenger including a Meowth (alarm clock/leg warmer), Arcanine (likes to cuddle with the girls on cold nights), Machamp (helps with heavy duty house work), Wigglytuff (the babysitter), Chansey (the nurse), Vaporeon (garden caretaker), Charizard (helps with errands that require long distance travel), Jolteon (electrical maintenance), Venusaur (gardener), Pidgeotto (small errands) and Farfetch’d (likes to help gather ingredients for meals) all of which once belonged to Naomi’s parents and left to the girls after they passed away.

    8)      Employer: Doesn’t work a day job, but is employed by Professor Melinda Okido (Oak) to gather more pokémon information.

    9)      Job Title: Pokémon trainer.

    10)   Experience: Advanced Pokémon School training.

    11)   Community Service: Helps out at town fairs and helps out with Venusaur at the community garden.

    12)   Rank: Advanced Jr. Trainer/Breeding Student.

    13)   Supervisor: Professor Melinda Okido (Oak) and Pokémon Trainer Liam Yamamoto.

    14)   Hours: All hours of the day/night as long as the pokémon are active.

    15)   Work Ethic: Very enthusiastic about getting up each morning to catch pokémon and learn from others.

    16)   Transportation: Walking/Biking.

    17)   Dream Job: Master Pokémon Breeder.

    18)   Income/Salary: $12 million/year.

    19)   Net Worth: $240 million

    20)   Budget: $2,000 for pokéballs (10), $3,000 for great balls (5), $6,000 for ultra balls (5), $3,000 for potions (10), $3,500 for super potions (5), $6,000 for hyper potions (5), $12,500 for max potions (5), $15,000 for full restores (5), $15,000 for revives (5), $500 for antidotes (5), $1,000 for parlyz heals (5), $1,250 for awakenings 5), $1,250 for burn heals (5), $1,250 for ice heals (5), $3,000 for full heals (5), $2,750 for escape ropes (5), $1,750 for repels (5), $2,500 for super repels (5), $3,500 for max repels (5). $84,750/week.

    21)   Splurges: $31,000/month for food for her and her traveling companions.

    22)   Elementary School: Viridian City Elementary Pokémon Academy (years 1-5, enrolled in advanced classes after first year of school).

    23)   Middle School: Accepted into Secondary Pokémon Academy in Violet City in Johto and will enroll upon return from her Kanto journey and relocation to her family home in New Bark Town.

    24)   Extracurricular Activities: Part of the early morning cleaning committee at school, part of the Pokémon research club and takes part in a yearly Pokémon Summer Camp hosted by Professor Melinda Okido (Oak).

    25)   Graduating Year: Graduated from Viridian City Elementary Pokémon Academy (at the top of her class) in 2004.

    26)   Study Habits: Finishes all her school work on time (often in class) and always double checks all of her work. Does extensive papers on pokémon and their habitats for an advanced class taught by Professor Melinda Oak. Despite doing so well in all of her classes, her partner placement exam was inconclusive due to her knowledge and love of all pokémon.

    27)   Grades: All S (90%-100%).



    1)      Mother: Betty Lenoir Masters (Cearbhall) [Deceased in 1999].

    2)      Father: Benjamin Robert Masters [Deceased in 1999].

    3)      Guardians: Benjamin and Betty Masters (1993-1999), Miriam Masters (1999-present).

    4)      Siblings: Miriam Aura Masters.

    5)      Best Friend: Eve Akumi Yamamoto .

    6)      Close Friends: Liam Kirato Yamamoto.

    7)      Allies: Professor Melinda Okido (Oak), Eve Yamamoto, Liam Yamamoto, Miriam Masters, Pokémon Center Nurses and Police Force Officers.

    8)      Acquaintances: Silas Kumori, Gym Leaders around Kanto and other pokémon trainers.

    9)      Rivals: Eve Akumi Yamamoto.

    10)   Enemies: Silas Kumori and the terrorist organization Rocket Force.



    1)      Role Models: Benjamin, Betty and Miriam Masters.

    2)      Mentors: Professor Melinda Okido (Oak) and Liam Yamamoto.


Family Dynamics

    1)      Reputations: The family’s reputation is that the Masters family is generous (donates to many nonprofit organizations that help the needy, both pokémon and people). They are also known for being down to earth and close to the community despite having more financial means.

    2)      Corporations: Naomi’s parents were co-owners of Silph Co, after their passing, Naomi and her sister took their place. Her sister takes care of the business on her behalf until she is older.

    3)      Class: Upper class.

    4)      Livelihood: Pokémon battling/co-owner of Silph Co.


    5)      Marital Status: Single.

    6)      Orientation: Straight.

    7)      Virginity: Intact.


Story Information

    1)      Archetype: Overcoming the monster (Rocket Force), the quest (become a master), voyage and return (journey through Kanto) and rebirth (shedding Naomi’s childhood and growing up).

    2)      Enneagram: Moral hero, success story, sci-fi/sci-fi adventure and fantasy.

    3)      Flaws: Character has a “theory” view on the world and is confronted with the realities of this world.


    4)      Role: Leading protagonist.


    5)      Inspiration: Pokémon translation for the writer with financial embellishments.


    6)      Date of Creation: June of 2015.

    7)      First Appearance: Volume 1.

    8)      Latest Appearance: Volume 9.


    9)      Episode/Volume Count: 9



    1)      Angry: Clenches fists and furrows brows.

    2)      Anxious: Bites on lip or nails.

    3)      Conflicted: Chews on thumb.

    4)      Criticized: Blushes and shrinks down (if being talked down to), listens and asks questions (if criticism is constructive).

    5)      Depressed: Refuses to move much, hunkers down and eats.

    6)      Embarrassed: Blushes and mumbles/stutters.

    7)      Excited: Jumps up and down and yells happily.

    8)      Frightened: Cowers and tries to hide.

    9)      Happy: Grins.

    10)   Praised: Beams and looks up at whomever is praising her.

    11)   Rejected: Sighs heavily.



    1)      MBTI Personality Type: Advocate (INFJ-A).

    2)      Mind: Introverted.

    3)      Energy: Intuitive.

    4)      Nature: Feeling.

    5)      Tactics: Judging.

    6)      Identity: Assertive.

Naomi Masters Character File
Had to remove a few items from the listing due to file size, but here's a closer look at Naomi Masters. Enjoy!
Working on finishing up chapter one of my Pokemon fanfiction. Will probably be finished after the weekend. :)
Tatanya - Down the Road of Damnation
Original character design for my original story Phoenix Rising. 


No journal entries yet.


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Hi everyone! My name is Victoria, I'm 23 and I'm a growing artist. I spend half of my artistic abilities on visual art through digital software and the other half is spent on writing both original stories and fan fiction. As I said, I'm a growing artist and am constantly testing my limits and abilities as an artist and writer in hopes of continually growing. I'm also up for the challenge of doing a few commissions here and there if anyone is interested.


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